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Robert Blatt
The Art of Production

From 21 - 25 May 2013, Robert Blatt recorded sounds of The New Fordist Organization working at Vrije Academie Den Haag. Spectral analyses were conducted on these recordings, and the resulting data was algorithmically transformed into musical scores through a computer program he has developed as a method for automating the process of composition. The sound projected in the installation consists of these field recordings and their sinusoidal resynthesis. The displayed photographs document the recording process. The work functions as a method of production which transforms and externalizes the energy of labor.

Works Produced:

"Two Part Invention, or On The Application Of Fordism To An Alternative Practice"

(score in exhibition booklet)

"14:17 21.5.2013" for Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Accordion and Violin

(no recording) Score

"16:08 22.5.2013" for Violin and Clarinet

mp3 Score

"11:26 23.5.2013" for Guitar and Violin

mp3 Score

"16:12 24.5.2013" for three Guitars



"16:30 25.5.2013" for clarinet, bassoon, horn and three guitars


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Panorama Of "The Art Of Production"