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24012013 Studio Loos, Den Haag, NL

22042013 - 07062013 GEMAK Residency, Den Haag, NL

07062013 GEMAK Exhibition Opening

07062013 - 28062013 GEMAK Exhibition

22062013 Time Heist, Quatair, Den Haag, NL

28062013 GEMAK Exhibition Closing

"A New Fordist Manifesto" Exhibition
GEMAK, Den Haag, NL

NFO Paintings (GEMAK Series)

NFO Choreographies (GEMAK Series)

NFO Orchestral Works (GEMAK Series)

Ana S. Lemnaru - NFO Sculptures 01-03

Ana S. Lemnaru - Kunst Ist Kapital

Leo Svirksy - Accordion Books 1-3

Miguel Peres dos Santos - Musical Training Is Conditioned In A Monkey

Jeremiah Runnels - Waiting Work

Andy Ingamells - Free As In Beer

Robert Blatt - The Art Of Production

The New Fordist Manifesto

Exhibition Open 7 - 28 June 2013
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 13:00-17:00

GEMAK, Paviljoensgracht 20-24, 2512 BP The Hague

Finnisage: 28 June, 16:00-19:00

Works by : Robert Blatt, Andy Ingamells, Ana Smaragda Lemnaru, Miguel Peres dos Santos, David Pocknee, Jeremiah Runnels and Leo Svirsky

The New Fordist Organization presents the results of its residency at GEMAK, Den Haag. Over the course of this residency, techniques have been developed for the mass-production of music, choreography, painting, film and sculpture in order to explore the economic, political and aesthetic nature of Fordist and Taylorist models of efficiency when applied to the arts.

New Fordism attempts to face the economic realities of contemporary art production by engaging in a radical re-reading of Gramsci and a re-appropriation of Fordist, Taylorist and Pavlovian theories and working methods. This theoretical assemblage is then articulated through the research-led methodology of The Institute Of ACES. The result is an affirmation of historiography as a creative discipline and a set of works which silently ponder on the nature of the creative act, cultural economics, and labor.

The New Fordist Organization is part of the The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology and is a new collective of composers, visual artists and performance artists, set up to apply the principles of mass-production, industrialization and mechanized creation, pioneered by the American industrialist Henry Ford, to the visual and performing arts.


This project was supported by GEMAK and a Stroom PRO Kunstprojecten Grant


Panoramas Of The Exhibition

Panorama Of Front Room

Panorama Of Back Room

Panorama Of "The Art Of Production"