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New Fordist Painting

Author: David Pocknee

New Fordist Painting is an easy-to-use technique for creating a painting. By analyzing an image and deconstructing it into individual brush strokes, the New Fordist Painting application reduces all the steps that would take hours of preparation and training to a couple of simple gestures.

The number of layers of color in the painting should be determined and reduced if necessary, using the color reduction tool built into the software. Then, other variables can be set as well: brush size, maximum stroke length, angle and variation.

At this point, the analysis can begin. Once the analysis is completed, the results can be saved into a text file. The time needed to complete the painting is displayed in the program, as is the amount of paint needed.

When the live paint begins, the result of the analysis will be displayed by a projector on the canvas: a flashing rectangle will appear on the screen, showing the area that needs to be painted.