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GEMAK Exhibition Works

NFO Paintings (GEMAK Series)

NFO Choreographies (GEMAK Series)

NFO Orchestral Works (GEMAK Series)

Ana S. Lemnaru - NFO Sculptures 01-03

Ana S. Lemnaru - Kunst Ist Kapital

Leo Svirksy - Accordion Books 1-3

Miguel Peres dos Santos - Musical Training Is Conditioned In A Monkey

Jeremiah Runnels - Waiting Work

Andy Ingamells - Free As In Beer

Robert Blatt - The Art Of Production

NFO Orchestral Composing
(GEMAK Series)

As part of the residency at GEMAK, the New Fordist Organization created a total of seven orchestral compositions, two which were created live at the exhibition opening as an accompaniment to the New Fordist Choreography.

All works were created in under thirty minutes, using the New Fordist Orchestral Composing Technique, the 01062013 series of five pieces were all created in one day.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Dawn Henderson

Score Of 01062013d for Orchestra


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